About Us

META started in 1999. META established in Munich Germany with its own cooling store and operation & logistic center. It has been importing fresh fruits and vegetables from hearth of the Mediterrean Turkey. Turkey due to its suitable climate, is known worldwide as a reliable and large fresh fruit exporters.

Since than META continues to grow with experience and expertise for our valued customers. META develops its processes for high valued customers and their demands.

META grows with the best practised producers in Turkey and also support of its customers around the world. Our high quality that emerges from sustainable production of healthy fruits and vegetables observing ecological aspects is confirmed by the certification of all contractual producers. META, one of the Turkey`s biggest importer of fresh cherries and figs, META works with the largest and selected growers and employs highly experienced and trained workers during the season.

With META, we can afford any needs of our customers for their markets. META can produce every product for customer demand such as variable packaging options and also different brands for different markets or unique brand for every project with the FOB- CF- CIF standards.

  • 1999

    Started importing fresh cherries.

  • 1999

    META is established

  • 2002

    Added Tomato and Vegetables to the product portfolio

  • 2006

    Added Pomegranate and Quinces to the product portfolio

  • 2009

    Added Fresh Figs and Dried Figs/ Apricots to the product portfolio

  • 2016

    Developed and implemented Fresh Figs packing machine

  • 2019

    Developed and implemented optical / electronic Pomegranate packing line