The enterdonat, originated in Sicily, constitutes 1/3 of the lemon production of our country. The average diameter of the fruit is 57.78 mm, the length is 83.34 mm and the weight is 108.14 gr. During the ripeness period, the amount of fruit juice is 31.39%. Our country is the earliest among the varieties of lemons. Ripening is between September and October, and it is usually an export variety.




400x600x105mm Carton Chalet 10x500g Net 5 kg

300x400x125mm Carton 24+, 26+, 28+, Net 5 kg

200x300x110mm Carton 24+, 26+, 28+, 30+, Net 2 kg

Period Table

Variety January February March April May June July August September October November December
Lemon Enterdonat