Dried Apricot

Dried Apricot

Turkey is major dried apricot produces country in the world. Our Apricots are cultivated in Malatya and it is called as natural Malatya apricots. Turkey supplies 80 % of the world consumption. Turkish Apricots is the leader of the market even the products on other countries has totally a different taste. Turkey established a standard for Apricots which the size and the quality of the product is checked by the Turkish Government on every lot of exportation. Apricot is dried by using two different methods in Turkey, called ‘Gün Kurusu’ (natural dry) and ‘Kükürtlü’ (sulphured dry).




Size Jumbo/cal 1 - 5 kg naturel and sulphured

Size cal 3 - 30x400 g naturel and sulphured

Size cal 5 - 24x250 g naturel and sulphured

Period Table

Variety January February March April May June July August September October November December
Dried Apricot