Also known as capsicums, bell peppers, sweet peppers or by their colours, for example red and yellow peppers.

Green peppers are the unripe state of red peppers and are the most aggressively flavoured, being vegetal, acidic and a little bitter, traits that soften with cooking. Once ripe and red, peppers are gentler and sweeter in flavour and far more use raw or cooked, although it’s common to use red and green peppers together. Yellow and orange peppers are individual varieties rather than stages between green and red peppers, and both of these were specially bred to be sweet and gentle. Purple peppers have a slightly stronger flavour but will turn green when cooked.


Charleston Pepper, Red & Green Chili Pepper, Bell Pepper, Hungarian Pepper, Capia Pepper, Sivri Pepper


300x400x170mm Carton Box Net 5 kg

400x600x150mm Carton Box 15x400 g Net 6 kg

400x600x150mm Carton Box 12x500 g Net 6 kg

Period Table

Variety January February March April May June July August September October November December